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Monday, January 28, 2013


Some 15 to 20 years ago it was not uncommon for Storm Petrels to be found in the foyer of the Deep Cove Hostel.  They often seemed to have been blown into the foyer, possibly attracted by the light on in there, but often on a Nor West night.  The hostel manager at the time used to collect them in the morning and keep them safe until they could be returned to the wild the next night.

These small birds apparently live at sea all of their lives except when nesting and have such fine legs that they can not stand. 

Storm Petrel
 I am unaware of any of these birds being seen at Deep Cove since that period and certainly not in recent times.  Why and what has changed?

While there is is considerable concern for the well being of Dolphins particularly with the suggestion that their numbers are in decline and that the tourist boats are to blame, could it not be that the food stocks of both of these species have been affected in recent times?  Is it possible that these birds don't come into Deep Cove now as their food is no longer there to attract them? or could there be other reasons?

May be the species can flourish without the need to come into Deep Cove, it would however be interesting to hear your thoughts.

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